What is IV Therapy
Intravenous vitamin therapy (IV Therapy or IV Vitamin Therapy) is a safe, effective & fast way to load up on vitamins and minerals. Try it at iv.me today!
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What is IV Therapy

Intravenous Therapy Explained…

IV Therapy can be used as part of an overall wellness approach to your health.

IV Vitamin Therapy has many uses. Contact our clinic for a free consult to see if we can assist you in a holistic approach to your health.


Number of yearly prescriptions needed for a treatment


The number of minutes to complete your treatment


Total number of seconds to administer a vitamin shot


The number of infusion treatments to choose from

Will IV Therapy Work For You?

IV Therapy works differently for different people! Come in and chat to our friendly staff for more information…

If you are unsure if IV Therapy will be useful for you, please contact the clinic and speak with one of our friendly staff.